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Data Now and always In real-time

MarketWatch specializes in fully integrated and network structured data collection, management and reporting services exclusinvely in real-time. As we are now in the real-time data transmission digital age, the old rules have gone the way of the dinosuars and in its place has arisen the need to collect data in real-time in order to address the data and informaton specific needs of everything from geo co-location marketing to Omni channel to retail inner space systems.  For this reason, MarketWatch Data only operates in the real-time data and onformation transmission world.  In engaging in this practice, MarketWatch Data provides grocers and consumer packaged goods manufacturers the ability to observe, test, assess and implement effective supply chain management, advanced distribution, trade & consumer sales, and promotional strategies of particular importance within key urban and ethnic markets.

Fully Integrated Real-time Retail Electronic Monitoring & Reporting of:

  • Actual Ordering Practice;
  • Product Arrival Confirmation;
  • Product Shelf Stocking confirmation;
  • Life of product on-shelf;
  • Actual sales collection, recociliation and transmissission in cngruence with consumer identity(s).

In-store surface data collection, monitoring & Reporting of:

  • Product Presence;
  • Product Turn0ver Ratios;
  • Forecasted Out-of Stocks;
  • Out of Stocks & Remedy Reconciliation;
  • Voids & Remedy Reconciliaton;
  • Merchadising monitoring;
  • Deal Performance Monitoring & Complaince;
  • Special Placements & Display Monitoring & Reporting;
  • Redeem at Cash Register Coupon Redemption Fraud Prevention.
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Real-Time Consumer Metrics:

  • On-site Discount Savings Coupon Savings Clips & Conversions;
  • Consumer Hueristic Shopper Experience Purchase Behavior;
  • Consumer coupon Lag Component Monitoring & Reporting;
  • Vertical Sales Performance of Sales Promotions and Coupon Effectiveness & Efficiency;
  • Insurgency Sales Promotion and Coupon Testing & Monitoring;
  • Complimentary or Cross Category Sales Promotion Monitoring;
  • Shopper Marketing & Inner Space Systems Performance Monitoring;   

Spiral Clock

Independent Supermarket UPC Databases Including Expansive Ethnic Product Selections

Extensive Universal Product Code databases to provide grocers & CPG's with detailed information for product look-up, research, and regulatory compliance along with utilizing these UPC listings to monitor inventory levels.

Electronic Coupon Delivery

Get promotional coupons perfomance derived directly from cash registers, reported immediatelyafter purchase confirmation as may be of interest with regard to specific planned purchase promotion initiatives . This service is directly linked to Grocer Exchange GEX Rewards patform to stimulate specific purchasebehavior of particular products during specific time frames.

Electronic Coupon Redemption

Via The Grocer Exchange GEX Rewards Program, grocers & CPG's benefit from receiving automatic reporting of coupons converted at the registers. Fast and easy tabulation lets you know what the best movers are.

In-Store Electronic Advertising

Strategic kiosk, display & Point-of-sale advertising incentivises shoppers when they are within one arm's length of your product.  All possible because we use centrally controlled displays for the precisely targeted delivery of promotional messages in the store.

Consumer Loyalty Program Monitoring

Member card programs are very popular and give purchase incentives to consumers. Such programs enable demographic breakdowns of register sales data and provide a channel for precisely targeted promotions.

Technical Services

Participating grocers benefit from the use of our software which assists owners & managers with expanding and integrating existing business structures into multi-participant, online systems. This service includes utility software, barcode printing software, and mobile data collection.