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Our Service Excellence: Through the efficient collection and blending of real-time grocery intake inventory,  shelf auditing and cash register data  using our proprietary cutting edge technology, MarketWatch Data Corporation provides our clients with the most advanced and accurate real-time grocery information available.


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Grocers and their suppliers need current, specialized data to know where they stand in the continually changing world of grocery shopping. With all of the latest digital advances, significant shifts in consumer spending can easily and quickly go unnoticed and disrupt your traditional flow of sales and profits. MarketWatch data keeps our Grocer and CPG clients in the know, with data immediately available. Our services provide urban multicultural independent supermarkets and CPG brands with real time product case movement and  consumer information at their fingertips.  Our service comes with our 100% client satisfaction money-back guarantee. Let our multicultural grocery industry experience and advisers work for you.

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Since 1997, MarketWatch Data Corpration has been America's  leading provider of accurate, timely, and complete scanned & non-scanned retail grocery, beverage, general merchandise, and HBA/HBC data for manufacturers and suppliers. MarketWatch specializes in difficult-to-measure urban and ethnic markets. Our services are available in major metropolitan areas throughout New York, Illinois, Texas, California, and Florida. Our services provide current market information, organized and customized to address your specific needs and interests. 

Our Heralded Chief Executive Officer's, Frank Romero (CMO) and solid as a rock Chief Information & Technology OfficerBob Lounsberry (CITO), have close to a centrury of grocery business experience between them and they look forward to providing you their decades of individual grocery, CPG and dynamic tech industry knowledge & experience along with data you want and need to help shape your decision making within the massive independent supermarket space with highly concentrated multiculral consumer franchises.

Over Two Decades of Privileged Service to Some of the Greatest  Clients on Earth



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New York, Illinois, Texas, California, and Florida

September, 2019 Expansion Markets:

Maryland, Georgia, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri and Arizona

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